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Art work

Art Work



     Creating works of art is more the unseen than the seen. The painting starts from a spirit
welling up inside me to convey the beauty, humor, and enchantment of a moment. As I
embrace this image of thought in love and appreciation it unfolds into a painting. This painting is a conversation to those who view it; seeing that spirit in the color, composition, and relationships. If the painting speaks to your heart we have had a nice chat.
     At 4 years old my mom put a large white tile and a box of watercolor paint in front of me. I mixed paint on that tile and learned my color mixes before my ABC’s. Being artistic was natural. Gifted in high school with a nationally know artist pointed me to earn a degree in Graphic Arts and Photography. Painting was always my favorite.
     Oil, acrylic, and stained glass have all been mediums to express my art, but watercolor brings me back to the lucid colors on that white tile, and my Mom’s approving smile.



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